Thursday, 28 July 2011

New visitors from Austria and Brazil !! 電車通勤に逃げる日々




I have not ridden my Brompton for the last 2 weeks.  Because of hot weather, or rain.  I haven't been feel like cycling may be because I have had too much homework.  it takes about 40-50 minutes to go and come back home by overground train or subway.  It is such a comfortable time in the train to read books or articles.

Finishing my work is the best solution to get back to my Brompton.

May be a little more time and I will be back.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

From more than 20 countries / 世界中からの閲覧ありがとうございました。

 おおよそ、このFlag counterを設置してから一ヶ月が経過しましたが、画面上に表示される国旗の数が20になりました。この自転車ブログを開設するに至ったきっかけも、英国の人々の暮らしから薫陶を受けたBromptonのある生活を是非、日本からも発信して行きたいと思ったからでした。




It has been almost one month since I placed Flag Counter on my website.  Today, I found the 20th flag on the counter, which is the flag of Indonesia.  As I mentioned previously, there should be more flags on the screen since I noticed visitors from Russia, India, Austria, Ukraine, and some other countries.

It is my pleasure to welcome you here and it is my pleasure to inform you about an example of "Livining with Brompton in Japan".  This blog is designed not only for the visitors from Japan but from all over the world.  So, even though my ability to write in English is not good enough, I write both in Japanese and English.  Forgive me if some of the articles don't make sense.

Thank you again for all of you visited here from all over the world and I hope we will keep in touch!  Thank you.    \(^_^ )/`

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Instalment Three / Bromptonからの手紙 その3

BromptonからProject Xについての第三報が届きました。早いもので東京でのBromptonが傍らにある生活も3ヶ月が経過しました。よく走ってくれます。困ったらぱっと折りたたんで公共交通機関に逃げられる点は他の自転車が持たない利点であることが、よくわかります。特に私のように、復路のみ自転車という我が儘な希望を叶えるにはBrompton以外には考えられなくなっています。

さて、BromptonのProject Teamからのメールをざっと読んでみただけですが、短い文章の中にBromptonのConceptが改めて明確に示されているように感じられます。開発方針にブレがなく、Bromptonを乗る人たちの要望、願いを確実に拾い上げているようです。どうやら、Xとは、現行の軽量チタンフレームの-xよりもさらに軽量化を目指しているようですね。現状の-xでもやはり毎日持ち運ぶには重いという感覚は否めません。





It is such a good news from Brompton that the project X is making progress.  I am not sure what this really is but seems like New style Brompton will be much lighter than ordinary ones and Its' size, originality, durability remains the same.

I was bit surprized that there are only a few Bromptons on the street in Tokyo, Japan.  The price, relatively expensive than other bicycles, is one of the key issues but I think there is another reason.

In my case, Brompton's portability is essential to be chosen from among many kinds of bicycles.  I prefer to take (over or under)ground trains on the way to the office since I don't want to be late and I don't want to sweat too much before work.

But as I wrote previously, commuting trains running into Tokyo are usually more than "crowded".  And there is no doubt that it is hard (almost impossisble) to find room to place Brompton in the commuting trains.  I was one of the exceptions that can carry Brompton by trains.

In most cases in Tokyo, if people prefer to choose bicycles by means of commuting, they have to ride bicycles for their whole distance.  On the way and on the way back.  Those people are not motivated enough to buy Bromptons only because Bromptons can be folded.

If we can see how people in UK enjoy their life with Bromptons, more Japanese cyclists become Brompton fans........such a movie like this


As progress on Project X continues apace we thought it would be a good opportunity to discuss the considerations of Will and the design team as they develop a new product:

The Brompton has always been designed to be light enough to be genuinely portable. In any case where the total weight of the bike would increase, there has to be a very strong argument for improving the performance or function of the bike. Our designers are always striving to reduce the weight without compromising strength or durability (the lightest spec of Brompton, an S1E-X, currently comes in at 9.0kg).
Project X will be the lightest product of its kind, yet it will out-perform all its competitors.

Brompton S1E-XBrompton Pentaclip

Along with weight, another key criterion the design team considers with any improvement is whether it will increase the size of the folded package. Brompton bikes are renowned for their compact fold; this makes them easy to slot into luggage racks on trains, under the desk at work, in a late night cab, indeed anywhere where space is at a premium. One rarely (if ever) needs to lock up a Brompton outside; you can pretty much always take it with you. Project X will not, in any way, increase the size of the folded Brompton package.

Ever since Andrew Ritchie built the first prototype, the Brompton way has been to never adhere to convention. Each product is carefully thought out and designed with the user in mind. This can often mean taking a totally new approach but the end result is a well thought-out product that offers a new and improved take on what has gone before.

Functionality & Durability
A Brompton should be accessibl
e to as many people as possible. This means that any improvements are also user-friendly and intuitive. It is for this reason that products such as the Pentaclip (the connector between the seat post and the saddle) were introduced; it offers an unlimited range of positions and angles for any rail saddle (including the Brompton standard saddle) so it can be adjusted to the preference of each individual. A Brompton is also built to last. The bike, components and accessories are designed with long-term, rigorous use in mind. A large number of parts are fatigue-tested to destruction to ensure no part on the bike is unable to stand up to the conditions of everyday use. All new products and improvements have to be able to stand the test of time and, where possible, must be retro-fittable to bikes already in use. 

By the time Project X goes on general release, it will have undergone thorough testing both in the workshop and the field. Its initial launch will be limited to a few hundred exemplars in a unique colour before it becomes available as a B-spoke option widely available to consumers; the retrofit option will follow a year later.

Until next time,

The Brompton team