Monday, 23 May 2011

Exercise and Eat  運動たのしきゃ、メシもうまい




Today's weather forcast was right.  Rain.  Rain in the afternoon.  My wife checked the the weather forcast and advised me not to go by bike today.  So I took the overground train to go to work.

In the afternoon, I checked outside several times and didn't see raining.  I almost regretted that I should have come to work by bike......but my wife was right.  It started raining.

So I went to the gym and had 1.5km swim today.  I didn't know why but my body felt so heavy in the swimming pool.(You will find the answer in the last paragraph)  I swam 400 meters three times and 300meters once.

There is no new bicycle related pictures today as I didn't ride a bike.  Instead, I would like to introduce two Japanese dishes.  As you know I love to ride a bike now.  But I guess I have to confess that I also love to eat a lot more!  These are dishes for my dinner last night.  Big enough for two persons.
BUTADON, Pork Bowl, sauteed pork on rice. soy sause taste 

OOMORI ZARUSOBA, buckwheat cold noodle with dried sea wead on top.

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