Friday, 13 May 2011

"SE-TSU-DEN" Saving electricity consumption

It has been two months since one of the world's biggest earthquake hit Japan. As you know tens of thousands people died because of tsu-na-mi and the number of total casualties has been corrected everyday. I see the new number every morning on the newspaper. In reality, as far as living in Tokyo, I haven't seen any broken buildings in Tokyo. But the damage of the atomic power plant in Fukushima is big enough to remind me that I am living in the country experienced the earthquake even now.

The earthquake changed our lifestyle and I am one of those changed lifestyle. I quit driving to go to work. Instead of that, I ride Brompton or take overground trains to go to work. And very occasionally, I take underground trains.

The government advocate citizens to save the electric consumption. All the companies, organizations, offices, factories are required to reduce 15 percent of their electric consumption. This morning I went to the subway station near my apartment for the first time in May. This station is relatively new. The subway station is trying to reduce their electric consumption by stopping the down escalators.

Tokyo has many subway lines and older ones run shallower parts and the newer runs deeper parts. As I mentioned previously, the station near my apartment is the station of one of the newest lines. Do you know what I meant to say?

The platform of this station is about B5~B6 level. There are three escalators from the ground level to the platform and each one is as long as the one on the picture.

So I said,
"OK, Good for me. Because I wanted to loose my body weight.'

I went down the stairs with my 10kg Brompton on my hand.

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