Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Erectile Dysfunction due to cycling 自転車に乗ってEDになるのか?




As I wrote previously, I came home by bike and took me over an hour.  The story began when I took off all the clothes I wore.  I found my penis so shrivelled.that I could hardly recognize it was mine.

"Hello??  Are you all right??"

I tried to touch it very gingerly and examined.  I concluded this was because of cold air and forgot about that when I got out of the bathroom and I don't even remember what it looked like after the shower.

すっかりそんな出来事も忘れていた先週末に、たまたま手にした自転車雑誌funrideの6月号のロングライドの大敵‘痛み‘解消という特集の一ページにサドル周りの痛みとErectile Dysfunction(勃起障害)の関連についての記事を見つけたのです。


The last weekend, when I was reading a bicycle magazine, I found a very small article but it seemed very curious.  It said the compression caused between a saddle and perineal could be a cause of ED.
At the moment, that small shrivelled penis came across my mind.  It must be this!  Could be...I don't know for sure.  Does anybody sure about this issue?  So I started to search all the articles with the keywords [erectile dysfunction] AND [bicycle OR cycling].  There were only 39 hits.  Much smaller number than I thought.  So I started to read one by one.

医学論文は世界中の研究者によって書かれていますが、テーマを絞り、検索をかけることは比較的容易にできる作業です。PUBMEDで[erectile dysfunction] AND [bicycle OR cycling]で検索してみると39の文献が見つかりました。想像していたよりもずいぶんと少ないようです。

初めてこの事象を論文として世に報告したのは、 Solomon and Cappaでした。1987年に発表されたこの論文では、ある青年が自転車に乗り始めたことをきっかけに亀頭部の感覚障害とED(この文献ではprogressive impairment of sexual potencyと書かれている)を発症し、自転車に乗るのをやめた後で機能が回復したことを示しています。原因として血流の障害と神経障害の可能性を挙げ、おそらく同様の事象に悩む人は多いのではないかとまとめています。

The first journal published in 1987 by Solomon and Cappa reported a case report suggesting cycling caused transient tight sensation around penile head and progressive impairment of sexual potency. And they speculated that impotence has been associated with both vascular and neural lesions.

To be continued...

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