Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ichiro's Brompton and Other Bicycles




Dear my subscribers from overseas. Thank you for visiting my blog "Ichiro's Brompton and other bicycles". I have just opened this blog today and I have just started cycling a month ago with my Brompton brought back from London. Not many people recognize the brand name Brompton in Japan. But I assume that it will be much popular in next five to ten years.

Since my first language is Japanese, I am not very good at writing in English. But I will try to write in English as well. So please visit this site once in a while and read my messages from Japan about Brompton. I will leave a tag "English" when I write in English. And also please feel free to leave comments on this site. Any comments, messages are welcome.

Thank you.


  1. Greeting from Hong Kong. Nice blog. Keep going.

  2. Thanks for the greeting. I will keep going with Brompton, too.

  3. Hi Ichiro, good start with your blog; thanks for your interest in my brompton fan blog. Thanks for putting a link. I will do the same with your`s on my blog.
    Best wishes from Bonn, Germany

  4. Thank you for following me, Günther. You are my first follower!!!