Sunday, 22 May 2011

What if you were involved with a traffic accident in developing countries? 途上国で交通事故にあったらどうするか

やはり、自転車に乗る限りは交通事故の問題を避けて通ることは難しいと思います。先日のThe Lancetの冒頭にあった歩行者と自転車に優しい街作りは、幹細胞移植に比べれば最先端とは言えないけれど、最先端の医療よりも遙かに多くの命を救うことにつながるのだという記事が頭から離れません。







Since I read the editorial of The Lancet, I was wondering what I can do if I got involved with a traffic accindent in developing countries.  I sent an e-mail to my friend Steve, highly skilled Canadian orthopaedic surgeon, to ask his opinion.

He kindly sent me very quickly, "Thanks, Steve"
......I see a lot of people who get hurt in car accidents in low income countries and usually have to redo the surgery as it was done wrong or the wrong hardware was put in for the fracture( maybe that was all that was available). The best thing if you can is to splint the fracture if possible and fly home asap. The infrastructure for emergency response and trauma care is just not there in these developing countries as it is in our countries........

I would agree with Steve 100% about this issue.  I think the point is (as he mentioned) in developing countries both medical facilities and human resouces are limited or absent.  Not like in Japan or in other developed countries.

Even in Japan, I have chance to be involved with a traffic accident.  But I know quite a large portion of traffic accidents are preventable.  I will do everything I can and everything I need to avoid traffic accidents when I ride a bicycle.
ヘルメットは正しく被りましょう。Wear your helmet properly!

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