Sunday, 22 May 2011

Rental Bike in London ロンドン市内のレンタル自転車事情



Although I am acting like Brompton's Big Fan now, it is only a few months ago that I knew the brand name Brompton.  But it is true that I have been interested in Londoners' lifestyle with bicycles since I arrived at London in January.

In the beginning, I did not think about buying my own bicycle.  Instead, I decided to rent bicycles when I felt like to.  There was a rental base in front of the back door of my apartment.


The rental fee could be paid in two ways, Pay each time or pay annually.  I chose the latter one and the annual fee was about 40 pounds as I remember.  A week after I filled out a application form and sent to London city office, I received a stick key valid for one year.

Once you received a key, you can rent at any of rental base in London, ride a bike to one's destination and dropped off at the rental base near by the desitnation.  There are many rental bases all over the city and also you can find nearest one very easily with iphone software, too.


Nevertheless, this bicycle is really heavy and its design is not cool.  I assumed that it would  endured long time use.  My colleague from London had her own bike, another colleague from Copenhagen bought his own bike in London.  They looked cool and I liked their styles.  So it may be true that I had started dreaming of buying my own bike in my early days in London.

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