Thursday, 5 May 2011

cycling back home after 24 plus hour duty 日当直を終えての自転車での帰宅



In Japan, there is a short series of national holidays from late April to early May called The Golden Week. While most people are enjoying holidays, I had on 24 hour duty from 9 AM 4th of April. I spent 24 hour in my work place and finally released at about noon on 5th of April.

So I started to enjoy my Golden Week from then. Unfolded my Brompton and headed for my apartment.......

Honestly speaking, my apartment, located 17 stations away from my work place, is too far for me to go by bicycle at the moment. I have to admit that I am just a beginner. I thought that may be 30 minute cycling is long enough for me after 24 hour duty.

So I set Sugamo station, 4 stations away from the start point, as my today's goal. Not many cars and trucks on the street and it took me only 10 to 15 minutes to get Sugamo station.

I changed my destination to 4 more stations away and continued cycling. The new destination "Suidobashi" is one of the famous entertainment town in Tokyo. You will find Tokyo Dome Ball Park in Suidobashi which is the home ground of Tokyo Giants. As I get close to Suidobashi, more cars obstrructed my way. ( I assume that they thought they were obstructed by me) So I ended my cycling at Suidobashi and folded my bicycle to get to the underground train.

It was only 7.7km, 30minutes cycling, about a half way from my work place to my apartment. But it was long enough for me at this moment. I will try to extend the distance little by little not to get injured.

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