Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Might not be as cutting edge as...But will save more lives 自転車や歩行者に優しい街づくりでもっと多くの命が救える話

中学高校の頃に習っていた英語の構文を思い出させてくれるas...as, not...butですが、この事は先日まで在籍していたLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicineで何度となく登場した話題でした。



When I was in London, I have heard about this several times.  Many travellers worry about Malaria and other tropical infectious diseases.  In fact, more people have been in danger of getting involved with traffic accideents rather than infectious diseases in tropical areas.

After I came back to Tokyo, I started commuting by bicycle to and from work.  On the street in Tokyo, I often see people putting their own life endangered situation such as riders with no helmets, bicycles with no lights at night, bicycles ignoring traffic lights, bicycles running opposite side of the streets.

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